Currents Spa

Like a Breath of Fresh Air Pamper Your Mind, Body, Soul, and Palate

Bliss Redefined

A journey with French America Line is a passage to the sublime. Desires are attended to by our gracious staff, but sometimes there is a craving for that extra pampering that only a spa or salon can provide. Our Currents Spa offers salon stylings, indulgent manicures, chic pedicures and an array of beauty services all featuring L’Occitane en Provence® products. Of course, a scented oil massage is the ultimate treat. Let your muscles relax and let your mind seek a state of bliss as our masseuse takes you from the cares of the world to a place of higher awareness and complete harmony.

Currents Spa Treat Yourself

  • Bask in the aroma of lavender and vanilla as skilled hands work the tightness from your body and scented oil rich in Vitamin E nourishes your skin
  • With a light-to-medium touch, our Swedish massage will drain stress and rejuvenate the spirit
  • Let go of long-held pain with a vigorous and refreshing deep tissue massage that loosens the knots housing your tension
  • Pamper yourself with a soothing facial as our expert cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin, leaving you feeling tightened, toned and young again
  • Enjoy a manicure complete with hand soak, cuticle care, shaping of the nails, buff, polish and comforting hand massage
  • Relish a pedicure with nail detailing, exfoliation, massage and foot soak

* Treatments are representative and subject to change.


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