Chef de Cuisine Regina Charboneau

Regina Charboneau Chef de Cuisine

Where France and America Meet

A renowned chef and author, Regina Charboneau studied in Paris before opening celebrated restaurants to worldwide acclaim. She now brings her boundless creativity and stunning flavor pairings to French America Line to craft cuisine unmatched on America's inland waterways.

A resident of Natchez, one of our most charming antebellum destinations, she got her start in San Francisco where she launched Regina's at the Regis and later the award-winning Biscuits & Blues nightclub.

She returned to Natchez in 2001 and opened the Twin Oaks Bed and Breakfast in a historic antebellum home dating to 1832, where she teaches cooking classes as well as serves as a warm, ebullient host. Her latest venture is King's Tavern in Natchez, specializing in fresh farm-to-table selections. Under her deft touch, the dining experience on the Louisiane is elevated to an apogee of gastronomic pleasure.

Panache and Comfort

“A meal is a celebration,” she claims. “It is a time when we gather together at one table and celebrate family and friends, both old and new, with love and laughter. The cuisine should both embrace and lift the spirit.”

She blends the panache of French cuisine with the comfort of Southern staples. “The French have a natural ability to acknowledge each flavor, each spice and each cooking method in a manner that brings them together in a harmonious symphony. Southern cuisine does the same in a straightforward way that celebrates regional ingredients blending myriad cultural and agricultural influences,” she says. Regina is proud to encompass both styles in her menus as she brings the regions in which the Louisiane sails directly to the plate. Much of the American South was deeply influenced by the French and so is French America Line’s elegant but wonderfully familiar cuisine.


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